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Called to Find Balance

Just finished my 1st Live broadcast class through Blissful Butterfly Yoga. Yea it felt really great! 7 beautiful souls shared a group intention of "Instead of praying for an outcome, I pray for the highest good for all." We showed up, breathed and moved together. I wasn't able to see their faces which was weird but I heard their voices and felt their connection as I taught. Things are getting pretty magical over here. I invite you to join us next time if you need some stress relief and lightness in your life right now. The only way we can be of any service to "the highest good" is if we take care of ourselves. Think of this time- if you are lucky enough to be home- as a gift! Choose how you use this gift to find balance within yourself as nature works out balance for itself. We control what we choose to focus on here- what do you choose? Illusion, fear, ego, attachment, and aversion - OR Truth, love, connection, surrender and allowance/acceptance. Pray for the highest good for all- we don't know exactly what that is, which is scary, but we need to let go a bit and trust. Do your best in every moment, don't entangle in the chaos, remember we are in this together, it's time to step into the light, each of us has a purpose to support the highest good- tap into your purpose. Some right now are being called to action- some are being called to rest- which are you? Figure it out and do your part to find balance within yourself first, through that you will change the energy of those around you. We are all in this together so let's collectively rise up! Shine your light, stay tuned into the frequency of spirit- no time like the present! 🕉🌟💜🦋💜🌟☮ Check out my schedule on my website 🕉🌟💜🦋💜🌟☮ #thisiswhatiwasmadefor #shineyourlight #findyourcenter #spirit #selflove #selfcare #tapintouniversalwisdom #lettheworkerswork #restiftheuniverseisaskingyoutorest #thinkfrequency #yoga #onlineyoga #balance #riseup #fly #letgo #trust #teamspirit #smile

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