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Chakra System 101 Basics & Balancing

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For the chakra curious or for those who want to refresh their chakra knowledge. Chakras are an ancient lens through which we can understand and harmonize the interconnected energies of the body, mind, and spirit, promoting holistic health and spiritual growth. Learning to balance the 7 chakra system enhances physical health, emotional stability, and mental clarity by aligning bodily functions and managing stress effectively. It also fosters spiritual awareness and a deeper connection to one's inner self. Additionally, balanced chakras improve communication and empathy, leading to more harmonious relationships with self and others. This is a rudimentary course, meaning it is meant to give you the basics of understanding and balancing your chakra system, no previous knowledge of the energetic system or yoga necessary. Course will provide chakra system basics, individualized chakra focused education as well as practical and playful tools that you can personalize to carry with you into your life. Each chakra will have an individualized lecture, slides, chakra themed accessible yoga practice and reflection form. You will also have access to free bonus materials with each chakra which include on theme Spotify playlists and individual chakra themed full length yoga classes. Expect average video length for each chakra to be a little over an hour each. (This includes the "Basics & Balancing" and "Practice" videos together). This doesn't include full length classes which will range from 60-75min each. There are 3 full length classes per chakra! Any issues please email me directly so I can remedy

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