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Yoga Therapy

When the average person thinks about yoga- most likely there are a variety of assumptions or pre-programmed ideas about what it is, what it's supposed to look like, who it's good for and the thought that there is a "wrong" and "right" way to do it. I had many rigid opinions about what yoga was when I first started practicing. However, in more recent years, especially the past 2.5 in my Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training, I have found a gazillion doors of possibilities open up about what yoga is and how it can be adapted for individuals. If you can breathe- then you can engage in some sort of yoga practice. The tool box that comes from yoga includes anything from breathing, to mindfulness, to movement to relaxation. What the movement looks like will be different for every human being that shows up. I'm so excited that within 6 months I will be a certified Yoga Therapist. I'm eager to watch my unfolding path as it unravels towards how I will continue to bring yoga as a therapeutic tool into the world.


If you are curious about what yoga therapy is or how it could help you or someone you know please message me

I am currently offering 1:1 Yoga Therapy sessions with students at a reduced rate as part of case studies for my certification.


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