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Who Are You?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

If I asked you "Who are you?" What would you say? The average human begins to list things such as jobs, relationship status, belief systems, age and other types of external ever changing variables. When we find ourselves identifying with these things we feel unstable in general because those variables are in constant flux. Who are you if you lose that job, that car, that relationship, that body to injury/illness? Who are you when the physical world falls apart? If you choose to not explore the depths of your being, that's ok. But if you do choose to begin to question- know that the ancient yogic texts contain wisdom which point seekers inward to find the answers that they seek. Within you there is an unchanging pure center of love that can be found when you learn how to quiet down your human mind. The Yoga Sutras tell us that the Hindrances of the Mind are called the 5 Kleshas and the first one is Avidya- ignorance or the forgetting of the true Self which is Spirit. If this concept sounds interesting see below on how to join me virtually livestream or anytime On Demand. This is week one of five where we will explore the blocks in the mind that veil the remembering of your true nature in classes.

☮🌟💜🌟🕉🦋🕉🌟💜🌟☮ Thursday's at 10am EST join me for Virtual Vin/Yin. A 75 minute all levels. Half gentle heat building hatha/vinyasa followed by half cooling surrender yin. Livestream through Zoom.

🌟Pre-registration required 🌟Class details and full schedule found at 🌟"Livestream Classes" Tab 🌟link in bio on IG

🦋💖🌟 No worries if you can't make class time- I now have an On Demand video library with all weekly classes uploaded after class ends! Visit "Video Library" tab on website. Videos can be rented individually or you can purchase a monthly subscription. 🦋💖🌟

🎶 Sweet Spotify playlist offered for classes, new one created weekly to connect with theme visit "Spotify Playlist" tab on website to follow me🎶

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