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This week classes will be themed around the second Yama- Satya: truthfulness. This ethical guideline, along with all of the guidelines, is under the umbrella of non-harming. When we speak the truth- in thought and word- yoga invites us to do so in a way that doesn't intentionally cause harm to anyone, including ourselves. Additionally, Satya invites us to become aware of our internal judgments. Judgments are not truths, they are opinions. Opinions then form belief systems on which many base their lives, choices and behaviors. This can lead to a lot of harm in the world.

How does one begin to live more in line with Satya? It's done through becoming aware of our opinions vs. observations, through paying attention to the words we use and through creating space to see things as they really are instead of how we think they should be.

Yoga practices were designed to assist individuals to get in touch with the wisdom that lives inside of the intuitive mind through cultivation of awareness. It supports one on an internal quest for truth.

In classes expect to be led through breathing, movement, mindfulness and relaxation while yoga philosophy is sewn in to assist you in navigating towards your most awesome Self.