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Spiral of Healing, Darkness to Light

💜Healing from traumatic childhood wounds happens incrementally over time if one is lucky enough to learn therapeutic tools for compassionate self-reflection. If these events are not processed in healthy ways they will negatively impact the wounded adult-child in their relationship with themselves and others for the rest of their lives.  

✨️It’s important to know that we all move at our own pace and healing happens in a spiral, not a straight line. I've been on a healing journey recovering from my childhood for 20 years. I share bits of my story so others can see how it works and to solidify the importance of doing the work to heal so as to not unconsciously perpetuate the problem.

💜This past month many wounds came up from the shadows to be integrated into the light. On New Year’s Eve, while dancing with a male, I realized that I have a deep distrust of men. I let this new awareness simmer, curious, where did my mistrust come from?

✨️Fast forward to this week when I had a worthiness wound bubble to the surface during a business coaching call.  I let this awareness simmer, wondering- where did it come from?  A few days later I drove to Peddler’s Village to spend the day with one of my college besties. On the way there I was flooded w memories of the last time I went to the village, 7 years prior, when I was in a dysfunctional romantic relationship w a male who treated me poorly. I wondered- why did I allow that? As I was driving, I approached a hill at a railroad track that I remembered as a child.

💜Every fall/winter ages 5ish-17 my father would drive the family to Peddler’s Village. On the way there he would speed over that hill at the railroad track, despite my voicing how it scared me, he did it anyway. I would cry, he would laugh and tell me it wasn’t so bad. As I got older I stopped voicing my fear and just stuffed my feelings. I spent years having my feelings invalidated by the #1 male in my life.  New awareness gained of my core father wound: root of the unworthiness I feel, why I allowed men to treat me poorly for years and why I have a deep distrust of men.

✨️This story is neither good nor bad, it's simply my truth. I hope you found it supportive in some way. Thanks for letting me share.

💜If you could benefit from a non-traditional therapeutic relationship, which includes care of body, mind and spirit- schedule your free YT Discovery call to learn more about working 1:1 with me in Yoga Therapy.

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