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Self Care

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Self-care Sunday half day retreat was just what I needed. Thank you to @racheltarvinyoga for doing this with @joellegordoncoaching . What a beautiful experience to have shared with you and the group.

This set the foundation for my upcoming week which will be focused on: my self care, getting clear on my mission and the little kiddos with whom I nanny. I know the only way my students and littles will benefit from my presence is when Im releasing anything that dims my shine and taking care of myself.

My pause from teaching shouldn't be a reason for you to pause your practice! I have an On Demand video library with over 100 Hatha Yoga classes for all levels available 24/7. Visit website link in bio for details.

Livestream Classes resume 9/7 changes will be announced prior.


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