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Overflowing With Gratitude

🌟Tonight's first official Soulhood Circle Gathering was nothing short of magical 🌟

🕉I am honored to have facilitated the safe sharing space and inspirational community gathering. 🕉

🌟Something really beautiful is happening from the comfort of my home and connecting many souls who just need to be reminded that they are not alone on this journey. 🌟

🦋Pictured here is the butterfly intention card that was pulled for the group tonight. 🦋

💜My heart is overflowing with gratitude. 💜

No worries if you missed tonight's gathering, I'm hosting these monthly and then ritual burn ceremonies quarterly. All details on my website Community Tab at

🌟link in bio on IG🌟

☮Housekeeping: I am currently in the process of shifting my online platform content fully over to my Wix website provider. This is an active work in progress, stay tuned! Should make the On Demand Video Library and Livestream booking on my sitemore streamlined and user friendly! Yessssss 💖

Reach out directly with questions about any/all of my offerings


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