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NYE and New Year's Day

We are entering into the final week of 2020. What has this year taught you? It has taught me to tap into personal strength and preservence. It has given me the courage to step more fully into the best version of myself and has imparted lessons about what is truly important when living a human life. Pictured here are three stones that will inspire this week's theme. Labradorite- a stone of transformation, imparting strength and preservence. Blue Goldstone- a stone of confidence and ambition, encouraging motivation and promoting vitality. Tigers Eye- a stone believed to bestow courage, confidence and strength of will.

This week we will give ourselves credit for how far we have come and for making it through this crazy year with grace. We will ground in our lessons and gaze steadily forward as we close out this year and welcome 2021 with wide eyes and an open heart.

All classes this week running as usually scheduled! This includes NYE- 1pm Virtual Vin/Yin AND New Year's Day- 9:30am Virtual Monarch Morning Flow.


Mondays at 6:00pm EST join me for Virtual Adonis Blue Flow. A 75 minute strong hatha with a dash of vinyasa.

Want to practice with me but cannot make class time? Simply send payment with your email address before class start and I will send you a recorded class link that expires 24 hours after you receive it.

All class details found at

Online classes tab.

I also offer a Spotify playlist for classes.

🌟New schedule begins January 4th. Website will be updated with changes.

Questions or to get on my mailing list email


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