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New Offerings New Year

🌟Happy New Year!🌟

In the background I have been working diligently on building my newest community offering for 2022: Soulhood Circles. I am offering monthly safe share and inspiration gatherings, along with quarterly burn ceremonies.

You may be wondering what inspired this offering...

On the 2021 Winter solstice I held an impromptu virtual ritual burn ceremony gathering of 17 women. I facilitated a safe space ruled under "loving kindness and compassion for all." The space was one of sharing if individuals felt called, listening if that felt better and collectively releasing through writing then burning what no longer served individuals on their journey, and intentionally calling in lighter/brighter energy.

I had zero expectations going into the gathering and came out with a vision of building community- I saw a desire from attendees for this type of space to continue. I decided to open the gatherings to all souls who feel called to find support in such a community space, regardless of their parts, labels or preferences.

An excerpt from the manifesto:

"Here we come together and feel less alone Here we feel seen and heard Here we learn how to truly listen to others Here we get inspired Here we remember our connection to our soul- Spark, light, spirit Whatever you want to call it

Here we remember that our individual spark Is connected to all other sparks Through a Divine thread of love

Here we tap into the lost art of connecting to all that is through ritual

This experience is magic if you open to it

When you come, you come as you are Sometimes you will be in the light Sometimes you will be in the dark Sometimes you will laugh Sometimes you will cry Sometimes both

Every time you will heal a little part of you"

All dates and details: Community Page

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