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Moment of Zen

A little moment of zen on my "do homework and business stuff on the computer day." I luckily don't have too many days where I am on prolonged screen time like this. I feel for those who have to deal with a lot of that. Here is a reminder to take little refresh brakes. Look at nature, put on soothing music, burn a candle or incense- breathe purposefully, softly, fully. Notice how this type of practice balances you a bit to be able to keep going, but from a more centered space.

Note that carving out a yoga practice is also like a little break to reset yourself. My classes are virtual, BUT if you follow my very clear voice and direction- you won't need to look at the screen too much. If you've been debating trying a class this is your sign to give it a go. This week my classes are all of a slower more grounding quality to get us settled in for the winter season swiftly approaching. If you are challenged by slowing down,my classes this week are a fabulous learning experience to be able to teach yourself how to let go.


Wednesday's at 9:30am EST join me for Virtual Sleepy Orange Morning. Want to practice with me but cannot make class time? Simply send payment with your email address before class start and I will send you a recorded class link that expires 24 hours after you receive it. All class details found at

I also offer a Spotify playlist for classes.

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