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Leading A Love rEVOLution

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

💜I'm here leading a virtual Love rEVOLution from my living room. I'm actively recruiting members.

🌟I do this through offering Classical Yoga philosophy infused group hatha classes, monthly Soulhood Circles safe space inspiration gatherings, quarterly Soulhood Ritual Burn Ceremonies and private Yoga Therapy sessions.

☮Changing the world into a more loving place starts by shifting one's personal perspective to a more loving, kind and compassionate one. This is done by caring for and acknowledging all parts of your being- body, energy, senses/emotions, intellect/intuition & Spirit.

🌟Yoga means "union" and was designed to yoke together all the pieces of the practitioner with their Highest Selves, in turn uniting them, awakened, with the Universe.

🕉The average human in our world today: -is stressed the fuck out -has no tools to stabilize themselves and is stuck in fight or flight -often numbs themselves because they are overwhelmed by the choas in the physical world and in their messy minds -Was never taught how to unplug from the madness and sit with themselves quietly -denies the existence of their Spirit -is lost in the rat race of life which feeds their denial

🦋Why is it so important to learn how to sit quietly with yourself? Because the voice of the Highest Self/Spirit is heard in the stillness. Yoga has a variety of adaptable tools to meet the average person where they are at to support paving a path to the stillness within. It's a process that takes patience, persistence, practice and a teacher that resonates with you.

🌟Yoga's foundational code rests upon Ahimsa: nonviolence or loving kindness and compassion in thought word and deed. This means it supports students in cultivating a more harmonious state within themselves and in the world.

💜We awaken one Soul at a time, this is how we change the world for better. I teach Yoga in a lighthearted, playful and trauma informed way. Won't you join me from the comfort of your own home if my teaching style resonates with you?

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