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Free Thanksgiving Class

💜Join me Thanksgiving Morning at 9:15am EST for my newest format of Hatha Yoga style class titled Purple Spotted Morning. This is a 60 minute beginner friendly class.

🦋 The first half of class is gentle targeted movement. This means each student who attends can request parts of their body they would like to open, lengthen and nourish. I then sequence the movement in the moment to personalize the experience for attendees.

🕉The second half of class is a guided mixture of: breathing, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques.

💜This class has been reported by attendees to be like "medicine for the body and mind."


To say "Thank You" to my students there will be an option on Thursday's class to check a box that says: ✔ "attend for free" Simply check that box and practice is on me.

💜There is still an option to pay as well, that is up to the student 💜

You can register on Livestream Classes tab at

🌟link in bio on IG🌟


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