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Feed Your Soul

I have simplified my nutrition during this pandemic. My studies to become a Yoga Therapist truly opened my eyes to the importance of focusing on nutrition in the sense of your entire being- what you take in to feed yourself. Movement, food, environment, emotionally, news, tv, music, the people closest to you, the community you engage with- how you feed your spirit, nature, art, creativity. My life is very simplistic these days I nourish myself on all levels- open windows with sounds of birds, fresh air, walks outside, inspirational music or spiritual teachers speaking, social media to inspire/get inspired/stay connected, writing, reading spiritual books/texts, eating foods that make my body feel good, cutting out foods that don't agree with me, moving every day, breathing purposefully, practicing gratitude, holding things lightly and trust falling into the arms of the Universe. I practice Yoga in my entire life and I learn something new everyday....including compassion for the self when I have human moments.😌"The work we do on ourselves becomes our gift to everybody else. Because the clearer you are, the more your heart is open, the quieter you are- the more you become an environment through which other people can become free. Because less and less do you need anything from them. And you are more just present with them. Present with the moment." ~Ram Dass💜If this sounds lovely I invite you to come practice Yoga with me and learn how to find the present moment by choosing what you focus on while breathing and moving. Then by slowing down and learning how to surrender. I talk about spiritual stuff in a down to earth type of way in my classes.🌎I hold the space, Yoga does the magic. My gift to the world is taking care of myself and sharing all the Spiritual Yogic wisdom I have tapped into through my many years of study. Questions- reach out. More info explore my website.


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