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Eyes of Wonder

Yesterday I sat on this tree stump, it reminded me of The Giving Tree. As I sat here beaming gratitude a group of about 6 boys (8-10 years old) with 2 adult males walked past me with their fishing rods. One of the boys looked at me, bright eyes, an expression of awe 😍 and then a huge smile as I looked back at him , waved and smiled brightly in return 😁 What a magical moment with an earth angel seeing my divinity, I saw his divinity and in that moment our souls danced. The look of wonder on that child's face when he saw me is one that burst my heart open in joy because I saw in him how I look at nature and how I want to always see the world around me- with childlike curiosity and pure love. #magicmoments #awe #wonder #blissfulbutterfly #yoga #bethechange #radiatepeace #wearedivine #throughtheeyesofachild #joy #givingtree #shineyourlight #gratitude

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