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Choose How You Show Up

Hey you, take a slow breath in. Take a slow breath out. How did that make you feel? Do it again, notice. Keep breathing fully, consciously, with awareness. Take that awareness into your life, into each moment. Are you experiencing discomfort? Notice that. Can you do anything to ease the discomfort? If yes- then support yourself in finding more ease. If no- sit with the discomfort, perhaps find comfort in the fact that nothing in the physical world lasts forever... The only constant is that the world around you will always be in flux. The only thing in your control is how you show up...

Each moment you have a choice- to live in fear or to live in love. What do you choose? I choose love because it's my nature. It's your nature too- because you and I are connected.Smile at other humans, get outside, move the energy in your body, keep yourself healthy, if you are lucky enough to have nourishing food- eat it, if you are lucky enough to have clean water- drink it. If you are lucky enough to have friends and family you love- tell them how much you love them. Be a good human. Be respectful, responsible, do your best, move from the center of who you are. Live from your spirit.

If perhaps you don't believe you have a spirit- look into the eyes of a smushy faced cherub cheeked child- that's how I remember.We all have a spirit- each and every single human and bit of divine creation has a connection to everything else.

We are in this together.

Remember your connection to all that is... The ocean, the sun, the earth, the air...Tapping into the universal contentedness will help us.

Let's all tap in. Let's all remember who we are, why we are here, let's get it together.

We are intelligent, dedicated, aware, unique beings. We all have something to give. Show up, do your best, be grateful for what you have, let go of fear, embrace that which lights you up. Do as much of that stuff as you can.

Take care of yourself 1st...its the only way any of us will be useful to each other. Then from your center- go make this world better in your own unique way.

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