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Butterfly Messengers

These beauties came to visit me today. I am so grateful. I just so happened to be close to this park which I haven't visited in awhile and vuala- messengers from the Universe! The past 4 months have been an interesting ride. In the beginning of the pandemic I was super tapped into Spirit and inspiration was flowing. After about 3 months the lack of social interaction started to weigh on my soul. My inspiration fell away and I began to get entangled in emotions when looking at the world, the suffering and the turmoil. I lost my balance so to speak. This week I'm working on finding it again. I am breathing intentionally, moving my body, getting into nature, talking to God and treating myself with kindness and compassion. I wasn't lost- I just fell a bit and got caught in the heaviness of the physical world. These butterflies are reminders to tap back into my light-heartedness and playfulness. I am finding the middle ground and remembering how far I have come. There is no loosing of the spiritual path once you've begun. Each stumble, fall, entanglement with the human condition is a new lesson to be had along the way to the Highest Self. Transformation isn't always pretty during- but after- that shit is gold. ✨ Stay light, have fun, dance through life with grace.


To practice yoga with me visit the virtue classes tab.



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