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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

💜The first step in feeding your Spirit is acknowledgment of its existence. Allow the false messages you received as a child to fall away and become more of who you used to be before the world told you who you were. You are a unique drop of the Divine in human form, allow your authentic Self to shine.

🌟When I was a child I totally knew I was a spiritual being. Inherently I felt my connection to everything in nature- the stars, the moon, the mountains, the ocean, the trees, and the animals. Most children are like this, pure Spirit and developing Ego.

☮What happens to many of us as children is that the world breaks our connection with our Spirit through messages that program our Ego to forget. Oftentimes the messages passed instill in many: fear, doubt, guilt, shame, righteousness, greed, anger and resentment. Those emotions fed to children hardwire those feelings into all layers of their being. Because of this heaviness many simply deny the Spirit's existence at all when they grow up.

🦋The Spirit is the part within us that is pure bliss, is connected to everything in creation and to the Source of that creation. Spirits are not given to a chosen few. There are no rules around who is a spiritual being and who is not- we all are. No one knows for sure how we all came to be, but we have some ancient texts that pass along wisdom of Sages from long ago reminding us of our true nature.

🕉The oldest scriptures of ancient India are the Vedas. The Upanishads, where the Koshas were written about, are part of that text. These scriptures are what Yoga is rooted in and why it is a spiritual practice. Yoga does not, however, define what religion students need to be. Yoga can support a practitioner's religious beliefs or be a stand alone spiritual practice.

🌟If interested in learning more about Yoga in a down to earth type of way, or interested in taking your understanding of the practice to the next level with me as your guide all virtual offerings here:

🌟Link in bio on IG🌟


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