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Be The Change

My call to action this morning is continuing to spread Yoga philosophy and practices to all who come to listen.

This morning's class was led with a group intention of praying for the highest good for all as we maneuver these tumultuous times. Yoga teaches us to surrender to the Divine at times when things don't make logical sense. We are invited to sit in our seat of wisdom, with an open heart and be receptive to guidance about our purpose in the moment. Drop back into the center of your mind- away from illusion, ego, attachment, aversion and fear. Fall into- awareness, seeing things as they are, practicing presence and finding a balance between effort and surrender. Both are important at times- it's all about balance. Yoga practices help to clear away the clutter of the thinking mind so that you can more clearly tune into Divine guidance. I spoke about sitting in the seat of your Wisdom Self while maneuvering your space ship flying through life. Imagine if all beings on Earth showed up in their lives from this seat- wise, in tune with the Divine, and remembering their connection to all in the Universe. Whoa, fucking magical! For a long time I've dreamed of changing the world- and I am living that dream in my own special way through my teaching. How are you changing the world around you today? Each person's path is different- no path is better than another- we are being guided to release judgements and to see things as they are, to remember our connection to all that is and to pay attention to the signs as to how we can help support making this place a brighter more balanced space. Be the change you want to see.

This morning's crew pictured here in Svasana was lovely and I taught through Spiral Essence Yoga Studio from my new living room/yoga studio.


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